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What We Offer

Rockmore Entertainment is a is a full-service Entertainment Agency that operates Nationally and Internationally. We have an extremely knowledgeable and efficient staff, that is required to give unmatched attention to every detail of every show, giving our clients the best possible service from the day the entertainer is booked to when the show is completed

We provide a wide range of entertainment services for all types of clients from casinos to private events

As Talent Buyers we absolutely pride ourselves with cultivating and strengthening our relationships to be of service to artists and venues. Our strong relationships with Managers, agencies and venues is imperative to the success of our talent buying strategy and ensures that our clients not only get the show they want, but at the best possible price.


The What, When, Why of The Venue Tech Package The technical information package often provides the first contact that a touring sound crew has with a given performance facility.

This is often called “advancing the show,” and is vital to the success (or failure) of both sound quality of the production, as well as addressing important factors such as the speed and efficiency of the system load-in and set-up. Rockmore Entertainment’s professional Technical Department will.


Rockmore Entertainment understands that Events are about people — people who attend them, people who staff them, and people who manage it all. The event staffing component can be chaotic and particularly complex, because finding event staff and volunteers with the correct skills and getting those people to the right place at the right time, is an enormous undertaking. You can be assured that Rockmore Entertainment Professional Staff is key to success, whether you’re managing a large event venue, planning a conference, or overseeing a festival, sporting event, or concert.


  •        Matching the people with the right skills to the right tasks
  •        Seamless logistics planning and implementation
  •        Constant communication


Rockmore Entertainment is a well-established and recognized Talent Management Company in the Southwest, maintaining a presence in Long Beach, CA, and Boca Raton, We and represent some of the highest profile celebrities and athletes.   Rockmore Entertainment has an extensive network of relationships with networks, sponsors, and Fortune 500 Companies, with whom we have closed many high-profile projects and corporate endorsements. Rockmore Entertainment also provides celebrities for appearances, advertisements, autograph signings, speaking engagements, private parties and corporate events.


As Talen buyers throughout the United States and abroad, Rockmore Entertainment understands the importance of understanding the music audience in all Demographics, Cities and Towns and to book bands that will appeal to that market. Whether it’s a festival, concert or corporate meeting, Rockmore Entertainment can assist in booking artists and entertainment to make your event soar. Through relationships with a large and diverse network of clients, management, artists, venues, and agents, we are able to find the perfect act to fit both your event and budget.

We’ve worked with the biggest names in the music business and many bands still are on their way.  Contact for a list of prospective artists suitable to your needs.

Rockmore Entertainment Talent Buying Network Includes:

  •        Agents
  •        Managers
  •        Suppliers (sound, lights, ticketing, security, etc.)
  •        Venues
  •        Other buyers and promoters
  •        Marketing staff within the company
  •        Performers (musicians, bands, singers, DJ’s)
  •        Record labels
  •        Event planners and producers
  •        Venue owners and programmers
  •        Production crews
  •        Media outlets
  •        Publicists
  •        Partner Recordingstudio: 77 Sound Studio


Contingency planning is a vital aspect of any event management. Even the best made plans are unlikely to ensure that nothing goes wrong. Rockmore Entertainment will plan, design and coordinate the perfect event to meet your vision and ensure a safe and incredible experience for your audience. If or when a problem does occur, you can rest assured that Rockmore Entertainments Staff has provided you with a comprehensive plan to be able to react quickly and appropriately.

Further Services we offer:

  • General Career Guidance
  • Artist Development Programs
  • Artist Shopping
  • Song Shopping
  • Distribution Searches
  • Publicity Campaigns
  • College Radio Promotion
  • Marketing Plans
  • Bios, Fact Sheets, Press Kits
  • Print Advertising Campaigns
  • TV & Radio Commercial Campaigns
  • Topics for Phone Consultations Include
  • Marketing & Promotion: Radio Promo, Print Advertising, TV Commercials, Direct Marketing, Promo, Marketing & Advertising Campaigns.
  • Record Companies: Indie Record Labels, Major Record Labels (All Topics)
  • Touring: General Advice, Tips, Booking Agents, Travel Coordination, Market Information.
  • Music Industry Professionals: Management, Booking Agents, Producers, Accountants, Studios.
  • Creative Services: Song Arrangement Tips, Choosing the “Singles”, Photography, Image Advice, Recording & Mixing.
  • Music Publishing: Music Publishers, Copyright Info., Songwriter Deals, Music Major Motion Pictures, Television & TV Commercials.
  • Distribution: Traditional, Consignment, Internet, P&D Deals, One-Sheets.